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Barktown Inc.

Barkuterie Box

Barkuterie Box

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Indulge your pup in the ultimate canine celebration with Barktown's Holiday Barkuterie Box! Unbox the joy with eight delectable single-ingredient treats thoughtfully selected for a tail-wagging experience. From savory to chewy, this assortment is a doggy dream come true.

Discover the essence of quality as each treat is crafted from 100% natural ingredients, meticulously sourced from top-tier Canadian manufacturers. It's not just a treat – it's a feast of flavors that your furry friend will love. Perfect for sampling the best of Barktown, this box is the canine equivalent of a holiday banquet. Make this season special for your pup with the finest in taste and quality.

  • Pig Ear x1
  • Chicken Feet x2
  • Pork Pizzle x1
  • Beef Liver Jerky 35g
  • Salmon Skins 25g
  • Freeze Dried Beef Liver 10g
  • Freeze Dried Chicken 10g
  • Freeze Dried Turkey 10g
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