Trial Day Meet & Greet

must complete and pass prior to reserving daycare or boarding

Our Process

➞During the Trial Day we will introduce your dog to our Team Leaders and The Pack! This allows us to assess their behavior and ensure they are friendly towards dogs and people, comfortable within a group, and an overall positive addition to The Pack. If your dog is shy, nervous, overly excited, or needs special attention, our educated care takers will know the best way to introduce them.

➞Trial Days can be scheduled Mon-Fri and must be a minimum of 3 hours (If your dog easily transitions into The Pack they are welcome to stay all day)
Be sure to schedule this ONLY on a day you can remain available in the event the introduction is unsuccessful. You will be contacted to pick up your dog immediately.

Trial Day Meet & Greets are done by APPT ONLY and must be completed prior to any daycare or boarding reservations being made.


➞ Up to date DHPP & Rabies vaccinations
Don't have your pets paperwork? Your vet will be happy to email us their vaccination record certificates (

➞ Must be at least 3 months of age and received at least 2 doses of vaccinations.

➞ Must be Spayed/Neutered by the age of 12 months.

➞ All dogs attending daycare or boarding must complete and pass our Trial Day Meet & Greet

➞ Must be in good health

➞ Must be non-aggressive towards other animals or people

➞ No history of aggressive toy or food behaviour

➞ No history of biting

➞All breeds are accepted as long as they are deemed Safe to Play with all other sizes and breeds of dogs.