Reenergize your pups mood, hygiene and appearance at our premium full service dog grooming spa. Routine baths, cleaning, and grooming not only enhances your dogs mood and fur but also keeps their skin and coat in excellent condition and can reduce shedding, tangling, and knots. Save time, stress, and the mess that comes with washing and grooming your canine at home- let our passionate and experienced groomer take the anxiety and hassle out of grooming.

Full Groom

This services covers everything nose to tail- a full groom includes a bath with a carefully selected shampoo, hand blow dry, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, and the haircut of your choice. Longer length haircuts are not guaranteed if the coat condition is too tangled/matted to safely and comfortable do so for your dog.

SMALL ➡ $70+
MEDIUM ➡ $80+
LARGE ➡ $90+
XLARGE ➡ $100+

Examples: Shih-tzu, Bichon, Havanese, Poodle, Doodle, Spaniel, Maltese, Yorkie, etc.

Bath & Tidy

Love your dog’s natural look, but want them neatened up? This service is for you! Our bath and tidy package includes a shampoo with our top quality products, hand blow dry, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, and trimming of the face, feet, sanitary areas, and feathering. 

SMALL ➡ $45+
MEDIUM ➡ $55+
LARGE ➡ $65+
XLARGE ➡ $80+

De-Shed Groom

Includes a de-shedding bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, brushing out of undercoat, paw trim, trim around the bum, belly, legs, chest, and tail.

De-shed grooms are for breeds that cannot be properly groomed without it. We DO NOT shave double coated dogs.

SMALL ➡ $75+
MEDIUM ➡ $85+
LARGE ➡ $95+
XLARGE ➡ $120+

Examples: Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog, Husky, Samoyed, Border Collie, Sheltie, etc.

Stand Alone Services

Nail Trim ➡ $10

Nail Trim + Grind ➡ $15

Ear Cleaning ➡ $10

Nails & Ears ➡ $20

Service Upgrades

De-Shed ➡ $20 +hst

De-Mat / Extra Brushing $15 ➡ +hst

Cleansing Facial $10 +hst

Our blueberry canine facials are excellent at deodorizing, and reduce the appearance of staining around the eyes and mouth. Can be added to any service that includes a bath.

Deep Conditioning ➡ $10 +hst

Not only is this package beneficial for dogs suffering from dry skin or coat, it is unparalleled at releasing dead undercoat during shedding season! We apply a warmed conditioner to the coat, then wrap your dog up in a fluffy towel to soak, the wait time combined with the warmth encourages the hair follicle to
relax and we are able to remove unbelievable amounts of loose coat! Can be added to any service that includes a bath.

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