• Compassionate Caretakers

    We go above and beyond to provide the highest quality of care to every dog that walks through our doors. Our experience along with working together helps set each dog up for success while they are with us.

  • Natural Environment

    Our home-based, naturally kept facility experience includes over 3,000 square foot of play space on 2 beautiful acres of land. Your dog will make some amazing memories outside and can enjoying a comfortable climate controlled house inside, designed especially for them.

  • Behaviour Assessments

    All dogs joining the pack are assessed by our canine professionals, this ensures they are a positive addition to the group and happy within our open concept style daycare.

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Why Barktown?

The Barktown difference is our level of commitment to a safe, fun, comfortable environment in our enriching activity based daycare for dogs.

We welcome dogs of all sizes and friendly play styles, our facility allows dogs to play freely while our staff engages with them and utilizes positive reinforcement.

Our home based kennel free atmosphere brings all the comforts of home while providing a place they can be themselves, release their energy, make fur friends, and have fun!

Play groups are ALWAYS supervised by a Barktown Pack Leader; Should your dog require special attention, a break from the group, or just some extra love, that's what we're here to provide. Our compassionate team is extensively educated, well-organized, and highly dedicated to providing what dog parents need.

Daily Rates

Trial Day Meet & Greet ➞ FREE (3hrs)

Full Day ➞ $25 (5+ hrs)

Half Day ➞ $15 (<5 hrs)


5 Days ➞ 119.00 +hst
(5% discount - $23.75 per day)

10 Days ➞ $225.00 +hst
(10% discount - $22.50 per day)

20 Days ➞ $425.00 +hst
(15% discount - $21.25 per day)

30 Days ➞ $600.00 +hst
(20% discount - $20.00 per day)

upgrade their day at daycare


Frozen Kong ➞ $5 +hst

Dogs can enjoy a frozen Kong filled with beef jerky + pawpsicles + peanut butter and frozen surrounded by a thin layer of ice so your dog has to lick and lick to get the goodies on the inside. A great activity all year round for quiet time and extra mental stimulation. In the summer they're a great way to help dogs cool down on a hot day.

Brain Games ➞ $7 +hst

We have a variety of puzzle toys to keep your dogs mind stimulated during the quiet time in the kennel between outdoor play sessions. Puzzles are filled with pieces of enticing treats and your dog has to figure out how to retrieve them using their paws, nose, and other natural senses.

Adventure Walk ➞ $15 +hst

Your dog will enjoy at least 30 minutes walking through and exploring our 1 acres of wooded forest, providing both a change of scenery plus added mental and physical exercise. Dogs are always walked on a long line/leash attached to a collar or harness provided by owner.

Basic Obedience Practice (30 min) ➞ $30 +hst

strengthen your dogs basic obedience skills and commands such as sit, down, stay, leave it, loose leash walking, manners at doorways, and practicing tricks like paw/roll over. This is for enrichment purposes only, not intended for behavioural training.

Early Drop Off or Late Pick Up ➞ $10 +hst

We understand that many people start work early and still want their dog to avail of daycare. We offer an Early Drop Off option Mon-Fri (pending approval). Make sure to include the time that you will be dropping off your dog in
the booking information please (give or take 15 mins).  

Bark Ride Shuttle ➞ $20 One Way | $35 Round Trip +hst

Take the stress and hassle of driving your dog to and from daycare with Barktown's exclusive dog shuttle, Bark-Ride! Our seasoned drivers will happily pick-up your dog from your home, and if needed, drop them off again. It’s the fast, simple and affordable service that ensures you and your dog will never be late again!

Grooming ➞ Varies

  • Nail trim ➞ $12 + HST
  • Going Home Bath ➞ $30 +HST
    -basic bath & blow dry to freshen up
    -dogs that are in need of a full service groom are not eligible for this service
  • Bath and Brush ➞ price depends on size of dog/length of hair coat
  • Full Service Grooms can be booked during your dogs stay depending on availability (price depends on size of dog and type of fur ➞ contact us for a quote

Requirements to Attend

➞ Dogs must be up-to-date on the required vaccinations - Rabies and DHPP.
➞ Dogs that are 1 year or older must be spayed or neutered.
➞ All dogs must be comfortable playing and socializing within a group of dogs without feeling territorial or aggressive.
➞ Dogs must be in good health, free from fleas/ticks/etc.

how to get started

Join The Pack

➞ Click on the “Register Now" button below and create a new account for you & your pup.

➞ Fill out the required forms in the client portal, including uploading your dog’s vaccination records (We require Rabies & DHPP) as well as signing all of the Agreements.

➞ All daycare dogs must pass our “Trial Day Meet & Greet” prior to being accepted into our daycare program. This is a 3 hour assessment, however if your pup does well, he/she is more than welcome to stay for the entire day!

Common Questions

What are the benefits of Doggy Daycare?

Doggy Daycare is beneficial in many ways including but not limited to:

  • alleviating destructive behaviour, boredom, and/or loneliness
  • exercise and mental stimulation
  • safe/supervised socialization and playtime with dogs and people
  • peace of mind knowing your dog is having a great day!

Should my dog be vaccinated?

All dogs entering Barktown Inc. must be up to date on the DHPP and Rabies vaccines.

Does my dog have to be spayed/neutered?

We require all dogs to be spayed/neutered by 12 months of age. If your dog shows signs of sexually maturity before that time we will require they get fixed before returning for daycare.

Why does my dog have to be dropped off by 11am?

Our schedule allows us to maintain similar energy levels within the pack. We play in the morning, have nap time in the afternoon and then play some more! If another dog gets dropped off during the afternoon, it would interfere with our down time(yes they do actually all sleep together!). It wouldn’t be fair or safe introducing a dog who is ready to play into a group of very tired pups!

Do you accept bully breeds?

YES! Our very own dog Moose, is part bully breed.As long as your dog is friendly with both humans and animals, they have a place with us! We love our pit bulls, staffys, mastiffs, bull dogs and more!