About Us

Our story starts with the big, goofy dog in the photo, our sweet boy Moose (he's also our logo!) and knowing Blaketown was due to have a place especially for dogs to play, meet new friends and avail of services. July of 2022 our dreams became a reality- our hard work became Barktown Inc. Dog Shop & Retreat.

We are a family owned and operated dog shop and retreat offering doggy daycare, kennel-free boarding,  grooming, as well as stocking our favourite Canadian pet products. Our country setting is located 1 hour from St. John's, providing over tons of outdoor play space with plenty of fresh air and room to run, as well as access to our open concept climate controlled home for indoor play and comfortable naps- never in a kennel.

 Never worry about the wellbeing of your precious pup, living on site allows us to provide 24 hour care to our canine guests. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest standard of service to every dog entrusted to our care.  With our unique open concept country environment, unparalleled amenities, positive reinforced training, and innovative Bark + Ride Shuttle, we are able to provide customized services to suit your needs and, most importantly, your dogs.

We believe that building strong relationships is extremely important for the stability of both dogs are their parents. Every time you visit, you will be greeted by the same familiar
faces, which helps to create a comfortable transition for your pet. 

We have created an environment where your dog can be given unique care based on age, breed, medical needs, and behavioural traits.  Providing a loving, fun, and safe space for all is our top priority.

Why Choose Barktown

  • We create a fun and safe experience for dogs
  • We deliver exceptional service to our human and canine clientele
  • Always continuing education
  • We're insured and Pet First-Aid Certified
  • Supply quality Canadian products you can trust
  • Involved in the community - We love Blaketown!

Meet Our Pack Leaders

Alex Russell | Owner, Canine Behaviourist

Stephanie Sullivan | Co-Owner, Groomer

Moose | Dog-ager